Esthe Clinic is a pharmacist-led aesthetics clinic that takes a holistic, yet scientific, approach to treating clients from the inside out. The holistic approach means looking at our individual clients’ needs as a whole, whether it is an aesthetic treatment, skincare advice, vitamin recommendations or other maintenance treatments.

The clinic is strictly run by healthcare professionals as we believe it is important to understand each and every one of our clients’ needs, as well as the ingredients and formulations we are providing them with.

Our industry grows rapidly, but unlike other clinics, we ensure that every treatment we take on board is backed by science and clinical studies. We spend hours researching, understanding and implementing all devices and treatments that we know will give our clients incredible results they will love.


Sarah Muthir has been a pharmacist for over 12 years and has worked in a variety of settings. Because of this, she knows the real science behind the medicine, devices and toxins that work accordingly with the body.

Sarah also has a background in regulation. It is because of this background that Esthe clinic has a standard that is above and beyond the norm.

Sarah has trained to advanced level in aesthetics and complications, premium skincare and is fully trained on all the machines.


Arron is an integral member of our team at Esthe clinic. His love for the industry shows with his attention to detail and his charisma. His genuine love for people means he will always go above and beyond to ensure you have the most comfortable and pleasant experience.


Agnes is a registered general nurse who specialises in women’s health. She has a passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle and has received specialist training on vitamin infusions. She is dedicated to helping clients achieve optimum health and a state of physical, mental and emotional wellness.


Yonca trained as a Makeup Artist at London School of Makeup (IMA certificate) and as a Permanent Makeup Technician at Tracie Giles Academy in Knightsbridge. She is passionate about creating the most natural results and prides herself on gaining a real understanding of what her clients are trying to achieve and creating trusting relationships with them.


Lana is a passionate doctor from Brazil, specialising in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. She has been in the industry for over 7 years and has a passion for making her clients feel more confident in their own skin. Lana believes in the use of scientifically-backed treatments for great results and is always eager to learn about new technologies and treatments.

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