Many men and women struggle to get rid of excessive and stubborn fat, going on all sorts of diets and intense exercise regimes that simply don’t get to the spots you want. The B-TONIC device creates double action on muscles and fat, and will completely transform your body in as little as 14 days. It has been scientifically proven in seven different studies to be an effective and safe device to use for weight loss with participants losing an average of 4cm circumference reduction and an average of 19% fat reduction, as well as gaining an average of 16% of muscle mass.

A complete BTONIC treatment involves an average of four sessions a month or two per week), with each session lasting only 20 to 30 minutes. The effects are already visible two to four weeks after the last session and last up to 6 months.


Muscle toning
30 minutes/session
2 sessions per week for the first 2-3 weeks, then leave 6-week gap. Once monthly for maintenance.


4 sessions = £700
6 sessions = £900
12 sessions = £1500
18 sessions = £1,800
Bulk sessions recommended when treating 2-3 areas.

Procedure time



Most frequent questions and answers

The electromagnetic waves are able to induce 36,000 supramaximal contractions of muscles that would not be achieved through normal physical activity (in only 30 minutes). When exposed to contractions, muscle tissue is forced to adapt to such conditions by remodelling its internal structure, which results in muscle gain (hypertrophy) and fat burning.

The B-TONIC device can be used on the abdomen, gluteus, biceps/triceps and quads/ hamstrings.

You’ll start to feel the tangible results right after the first treatment. Noticeable results are seen after 2-4 weeks and will continue to improve in the weeks to come.

B-TONIC is non-invasive and has no recovery time which means you can put in the minimum effort, and get strong action.

No, you will not feel any pain, nor will there be any damage on the skin surface.


4 sessions (two per week). One session per month is recommended to maintain the effects obtained.

Procedure time

20-30 minutes




£200 per session (packages available)

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