This treatment creates an illusion of volume and gives you perfectly balanced sensual lips with a hint of colour. The pigments we use are ID Liner pigments which are hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin and they offer a range of beautiful and natural colours.

We take into account your skin and hair colour, as well as your favourite lipstick and create a custom colour to make you feel beautiful and confident every day. This treatment balances your lips and the colour stays put in every situation, the border is defined with very crisp strokes and a subtle hint of colour is applied, creating a 3D effect. All you need is to use a lip balm or gloss and you are ready to go. This treatment is also perfect for restoring the shape and fullness lost with age.

Darker skins may not be suitable for this treatment due to skin pigmentation. Please consult our technician if you have darker skin or pigmentation on your lips. If you have had a cold sore in the past you should make your technician aware of this and use a course of antivirals before and after treatment. The colour will be more intense for the initial first days after treatment. Results last 1/3 years with retouch. Pain is minimal to none. 2 treatments are included, annual retouches are recommended.

Procedure time

2 hours


Recovery time is approximately 2 days for redness and swelling. The full healing period is 2 weeks.


Lip Blush / Gloss & Go lips £475

Including free top up 4/6 weeks

We also provide

Our accredited technician also provides:

Special event Makeup £120

Bridal Makeup £175

Makeup lesson with mini makeover £120

- Annual top up £100

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