Medik8 Facials

Medik8 offer a range of amazingly relaxing facials that also brings fantastic results. Combining the freshest of ingredients along with value for money homecare, Medik8 really is a brand and treatment for everyone.

Medik8 is a dedicated professional-led skincare brand that helps ours clients achieve their desired results through regular professional treatments in-clinic. To optimise results, and achieve beautiful skin for life, clients are provided with a bespoke at-home routine of Medik8 CSA products.

Indulgent in-clinic treatment experiences culminating in visible results. Medik8 Professional Facial Treatments have been designed to bring the best of both worlds.

Conducted by Medik8 Professional Therapists all over the world, our comprehensive range of treatments make attaining Beautiful Skin for Life easier than ever.

Your therapist will advise on which Medik8 treatment best suits your skin
and the results that you are looking for:


Brightening platinum
Deep hydration
Pore refining



Procedure time


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