As we age, our skin loses support, volume and elasticity resulting in wrinkles, sagging skin and less definition. Dermal fillers are used to restore volume and structure to the face. They work to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, res

Profhilo® is an injectable hyaluronic acid treatment which works by stimulating your own production of collagen and elastin. It contains one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid on the market, and due to its unique production method, it boosts and hydrates the skin, rather than working as a filler.

Profhilo® can be used to treat the face, neck, décolletage, hands, arms, knees and other parts of the body. The treatment is suitable for men and women and offers skin benefits for patients of all ages

ulting in a more youthful look. Fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which is a natural molecule found in our body.

Hyaluronic acid naturally attracts and retains water, leading to a ‘plumping’ and more rejuvenated appearance. Dermal fillers have a wide multitude of uses including lip augmentation, jawline contouring, cheek augmentation, correcting tear-trough hollowness and smoothing nasolabial lines.


Treatment with highest Hyaluronic acid concentration on the market. Improve skin texture, hydration & radiance.
2 sessions, 1 month apart. Maintenance twice a year.


£550 (for both sessions)

Procedure time


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