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Refund Policy 

All service sales are final, with no refunds. Refunds may be given only when there is an approved medical condition, Medical proof will be required. 

All skin care products supplied on site are non-refundable once purchased and taken off-site. 


Injectable treatments: 

Aesthetics treatments such as Botox® anti-wrinkle treatment, skin boosters, and dermal fillers are non-refundable once the treatment has been undertaken. The list is not exclusive.  


There is no guarantee of a satisfactory or pleasing result with aesthetic treatments. Our practitioners use their experience and advanced clinical knowledge to provide the best possible treatment result to the best of their ability. We constantly strive to improve patient satisfaction. 

A ‘top up” anti-wrinkle treatment may be offered at the clinician’s discretion, if clinically relevant.   

There is no “top up” of dermal fillers or skin boosters, and any further treatment will need to be paid for. 


Any adverse issues relating to facial aesthetics work undertaken at Esthe will need to be raised as soon as possible, and a face-to-face consultation will be arranged. We will aim to correct any deficiencies. We do not review patients who present more than six months after their treatment with us. 

HYALASE filler dissolver costs £195 per session and may or may not be offered, this is at the sole clinical discretion of the treating clinician.