The new generation of treatments for remodelling body shapes and restructuring face skin. From little improvements in problematic areas to greater transformations on the entire body, we can help you look your best in a comfortable and non-invasive way.

The combination of multipolar radiofrequency and LLLT laser creates intense heat on connective tissue, including fibrous tissue. This helps increase collagen deposits and cellular metabolism for a significant localised reduction of volume and skin laxity. The simultaneous suction function of the vacuum immediately increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Both are essential to improve general health.



The T-Shape generates a bipolar, quadripolar and hexapolar radiofrequency signal. Heat is generated by the contact of RF energy (radiofrequency) with the tissue impedance. When heated in the proper way, collagen-rich dermis is immediately denatured and fibrils contract and thicken. New collagen is produced in response to initial heat, and skin appears firmer, more compact and younger.

Vacuum suction: The T-Shape incorporates vacuum treatment technology with variable pulse modes. The Vacuum raises, folds and compresses the skin to increase local blood circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage. It facilitates fibroblast activity, favours vasodila.

LLLT Laser: As the LLLT laser irradiates adipose tissue, it helps form transient micropores in adipocytes, and accelerate the fragmentation of triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids, which can escape from the cell, which, in turn, will have a reduced volume. The released lipids are eliminated through normal metabolic processes. LLLT effectively reduces body circumference by targeted application, to the treated areas, and has also been demonstrated to be effective in reducing oedemas.


8-10 sessions, twice a week to achieve the desired results

Procedure time

Approximately 30 minutes per area




£150 per session (packages available)

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